clones collective

An Invitation to Speculation

The Clones Collective blog is an experiment in creative writing. We want to hear about your clone. Why did you have yourself cloned? What aspects of your personality do you think would change if you had grown up with yourself as a parent? What activities do you see yourself engaging in with your younger self?

Or you can explore some entirely different aspect of the potential cultural impacts of cloning. It’s the exercise in creative futurism, predicting the future in such a way that provides insights to the present, that most intrigues us.

Stories of any length and format are welcome. A popular new format is flash fiction, a story told in under 600 words. We are also happy to accept previously-published content. So, if you’ve written a flash fiction piece, consider submitting it to 365 Tomorrows first, and then pass it along to us after they publish it.

Ready to send us something? You can email it inline or as an attached file to:

ryan at ideonexus dot com

Be sure to include something about clones in the subject line so we know to give it special attention. :)

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